George Ezra brings the heat to London’s Wembley Arena

The song of the summer? Georgie boy has the songs for all occasions. 

‘Shotgun’ was the feel-good hit of this summer but tonight, as George Ezra plays a sold out show at Wembley Arena, he proves that he’s the man for every season.

His debut album ‘Wanted On Voyage’ saw things snowball but if there’s anything we’ve learnt in recent years, it’s that things can change quickly. A millenial that baby-boomers like, this years ‘Staying At Tamara’s’ didn’t just prove that our George had more than one smash single in his back pocket, it was a declaration of warmth. Across the record, his sunny side up outlook and thirst for adventure blossom and bloom. Tonight, at his biggest ever headline show until his already sold-out tour next year, he’s on fire.

And it’s a family affair. There are generations throughout Wembley Arena, their singing bridging gaps, and George’s little brother Ethan is in support. Thing is, Ten Tonnes has rapidly been making a name for himself, all by himself. 

As he launches into the stuttering determination of ‘Born To Lose’, he’s not stood in anyone’s shadow. The fuzzy stomp of ‘Cracks Between’ hangs in the air, confident and collected while the sideways slide of ‘Better Than Me’ turns inward but never shies away from the spotlight. Through the horizon gripping ‘Lucy’ and the colourful explosion of ‘G.I.V.E’, Ten Tonnes performs with a weightless joy.

Despite the size of the venue, George Ezra makes tonight feel intimate. Friends huddled together to share stories, smiles and daydreams, he never looks out of his depth and there’s a charisma that’s impossible to avoid, even from the nosebleeds at the back. There’s a spark in every song that dances about the stage and the handcrafted wist ebbs and flows. It’s all very lovely.

Thing is, George is now an actual, certified pop star. And he knows it. 

Sure, ‘All My Love’ sends shivers down spines but from the moment ‘Don’t Matter Now’ kicks things off, every moment is huge and unapologetic. ‘Paradise’ is all starshine and over the top promises, ‘Hold My Girl’ is a candle that lights a roaring fire and ‘Budapest’ is as wide-eyed, beautiful and beaming as it ever was. 

As ‘Shotgun’ comes bolting from the gates to bring the curtains down, it remains fresh-faced and earth-quaking. Glitter, gold and grins, George Ezra has embraced the spotlight and leaves tonight as your friendly neighbourhood superstar.

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