Wet Leg are still shooting for the stratosphere at Reading 2023

Dive head first into the fun of it all – that’s a Wet Leg order.

Words: Jamie Muir.
Photos: Patrick Gunning.

Few bands have been on as stratospheric a rise as Wet Leg. From the very first reveal, they’ve been strapped to a rocket of unstoppable momentum that’s cemented them as the breakthrough band of the past few years. As they take to the fabled early evening slot on Main Stage East, the vast crowds that gather prove just why it’s all justified – for a band who embrace nonsense and fun whilst refusing to compromise, today is their moment.

A grandstand demonstration of the breadth and brilliance of their self-titled debut, it’s a popping-candy bag of fun. Whether it’s the knowing wink of ‘Wet Dream’ and the playful chops of ‘Oh No’ or the whipping fuzz of ‘Being In Luv’ and ‘Supermarket’ – Wet Leg thrive with every twist and turn they can throw into the mix. What other band on the lineup would bring a “scream-o-meter” to measure who has the loudest yell between Reading and Leeds during the famous ‘Ur Mom’? The answer is nobody. It perfectly captures a feel-good set packed with their feverish humour that just keeps delivering track after track.

By the time ‘Chaise Longue’ lets rip, an undeniable Reading moment ensues – putting an exclamation point on everything Wet Leg have embraced since the very beginning. Jubilant release and a band seizing their crowning moment – that rise is only set to continue. Dive head first into the fun of it all – that’s a Wet Leg order.