00s faves Tubelord are reissuing their debut album, ‘Our First American Friends’

They've teamed up with Alcopop.
Tubelord are teaming up with Alcopop! Records to reissue their debut album, ‘Our First American Friends’.

Due on 13th April, it will be available on transparent yellow vinyl, with a further special version containing a smashed up piece of a test pressing from the original 2009 release.

“Our First American Friends is still a huge part of my life,” says bassist Sean Bamberger. “It’s being part of a band with two incredibly talented musicians who pushed each other to grow and excel in tandem, and made me try my hardest to do the same.

“It was an album created not just by the band, but by everyone that supported a niche genre and went out of their way to offer us their ears, beds, food and friendship. It’s my youth, and each song on the album is full of hugely happy memories of places, people and emotions to me.

“Alcopop’s repressing is a reminder of all those joyous times and will hopefully turn some of the new wave of twiddly mathy fans out there onto just how fantastic Joe and Dave’s synergy of creativity and structure, hooks and complexities really was.”

Listen to ‘Our First American Friends’ below, and pre-order your copy at ilovealcopop.co.uk.

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