404 Guild have shared ‘Feedback Loop’, the first taste of their newly-announced debut album, ‘False Dawn’

The LP will be released in full on December 9th via Dirty Hit.

404 Guild have announced their debut album, ‘False Dawn’, with a new single and video, ‘Feedback Loop’.

The news follows 3 previous EP releases; 2019’s ‘Guild One’ & ‘Guild Two: Forever’, and last year’s ‘Guild Three: Open Water’. Their new LP will be released in full on December 9th via Dirty Hit.

On the new track, ‘Feedback Loop’, 404 Guild say: “Pace and confusion, disconnected networks and repeated patterns. Getting older and time becoming distorted; looping back, turning inwards. The song came out of a bunch of experiments with sequencers in lockdown. Two of us were living in our studio at the time which heightened the isolation of it all – just us alone in a complex of empty studios, getting stranger and stranger…”

“A full-length Guild record is something we’d been dreaming of for so long but when it came to making it initially it didn’t click,” the band admit. “We had around 50 songs in various stages of completion but between them we just couldn’t find ‘the album’. So we did the only logical thing and scrapped it all. We rented a cottage in the middle of nowhere out in the sticks and gave ourselves fourteen days to write the whole thing. Somehow it worked.”

“We knew that one aspect of our songwriting we all shared was storytelling – so made that the focus. To wrap up hundreds of stories into one. Our shared journey has been long, winding, and hard. But together we’ve made it through.”

“The environment had a huge impact on the record,” they continue. “It was lonely, the weather was weird, there was nowhere to go. But after months of the claustrophobia of lockdown it gave us the space to bring home years of collective ideas.”

“‘False Dawn’ is a flag stuck in the ground at the end of a long dark road. But for us, it’s only the beginning.”

You can listen to ‘Feedback Loop’ here, and watch the new music video below:

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