49th & Main return with double A-side ‘Crash and Burn’ / ‘Said Nothing (feat. Skylar)’

They released their debut EP 'Must Be Nice' in September 2022.

Irish duo 49th & Main have shared a new double A-side release, ‘Crash and Burn’ / ‘Said Nothing (feat. Skylar)’.

It marks the first release of new music for the pair in 2023, with both tracks mixed by Edmund Irwin-Singer of Glass Animals. It follows on from their debut EP ‘Must Be Nice’ which was released in September 2022.

Speaking about ‘Crash And Burn’, 49th & Main said: “Any given songs potential is at the whim of how good the idea behind it is, and how motivated we are really. Crash & Burn was a ‘slow burner’ so to speak. Felt like a decent idea but very barebones for a long while. Until, day by day, harmonies were added, guitar layers, horn sections, drum switch ups and then seemingly out of nowhere, we had our biggest song we’d ever made. ‘Biggest’ meaning most musical elements/layers and probably most technical too. It’s been a favourite of ours for a long time now so we’re very excited to share it .”

Speaking about ‘Said Nothing’, they continued“I remember at some point last year, talking to a friend about music and we were talking about trends and how certain genres or song archetypes have their moment in the sun and they mentioned that ballads were out, nobody likes them right now. So, naturally, I immediately thought, let’s make a ballad. We’re not led by genres when it comes to writing songs. Music, while being many other things, is a tool for us to convey ideas, moods and create moments. This song is no exception. It’s a different type of moment that we’ve gone for on ’Said Nothing’. Not one you’ve heard in a 49th & Main song previously, but that’s why it’s special.”

Group member Ben O’Sullivan was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia back in 2020. As something that has been an important part of the 49th & Main journey, the band are also urging anyone to donate blood where possible. Visit GiveBlood.ie or your nearest equivalent for details.

49th & Main will be playing a host of shows over the coming months, including The Great Escape in Brighton, Dot To Dot and many others.

You can check out the new tracks here:

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