Aaron Smith has announced his heartfelt second EP, ‘For My Father’

Check out 'Your Turn Now'.

Aaron Smith has announced his heartfelt second EP, ‘For My Father’.

The follow-up to debut ‘Loveless’, it’s due on 31st July preceded by both recent drop ‘Brother’, and second early teaser ‘Your Turn Now’.

Aaron explains of the new song: “I always say with my music that I like anyone whos listening to take their own meaning from the track and maybe use it to reflect on something that may have happened in their own life.

“For me, ‘Your Turn Now’ is about a bad relationship I had with a family member. It’s from a time in my life where I did not feel safe or settled at home. The story the song tells stems from facing years of emotional abuse and manipulation which in turn took away my childhood.”

The full tracklisting reads:

1. Unconditional
2. Brother
3. Your Turn Now
4. Doubts

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