Abbie Ozard has returned with a new single, ‘Grown’ – and she’s playing the Dork’s Night Out Christmas Party too!

Her first release since signing to new label House Anxiety, she'll be joining L Devine at Colours next month.

Abbie Ozard has returned with a new single, ‘Grown’, and news that she’ll be joining us for Dork’s Night Out Christmas Party next month (get tickets here).

The new track is her first since signing to new label House Anxiety, home to Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Genesis Owusu and Carpetgarden, with previous luminaries including King Krule, Courtney Barnett and Vagabon.

Seeing Abbie take a fresh, more organic direction from her most recent releases, she explains: “I wrote ‘Grown’ back in 2017, 4 years ago, when I was coming out of a rough patch, and it helped me see the light and accept that things change, people change – they grow, leave your life and meet new people, and that’s totally ok.

I used to, and probably still do, have a hard time accepting that people come in and out of your life. I couldn’t comprehend that a person can be your best friend for years, and then suddenly become a total stranger – I found it really hard to get my head around.

I hope it helps other people like it helped me, and I hope it helps you remember that you haven’t met half the people you’re going to love in your lifetime yet, because that to me is pretty cool and comforting.

It’s the most important song that I’ve ever written to me, and will likely stay with me forever.”

So there we go. You can check out ‘Grown’ below.

We’re also DELIGHTED to reveal Abbie will be joining us on 14th December at Colours, Hoxton for Dork’s Night Out Christmas Party, where she’ll be playing alongside our festively prepped headliner L Devine. Tickets for the show are on sale now – you can grab them here.

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