Abbie Ozard struggles with her twenties with new single, ‘I Don’t Know Happiness Without You’

Catch her on tour throughout November with Briston Maroney.
Photo Credit: Charlotte Rudd

Abbie Ozard is back with a new single, ‘I Don’t Know Happiness Without You’.

Out today (Thursday, 7th September) via House Anxiety, it follows on from last year’s ‘Water Based Lullabies EP’.

“The track comments on how confusing, difficult and chaotic life can be in your twenties, with pressure coming in from every direction,” she explains. “I find that there’s an expectation for you to have your life figured out, when really you still feel 18. Essentially all you want to do is have fun but you need to be fully focused on your career, aspirations and everything in between.

“Unlike before, I now find letting loose and having fun really difficult as I have an overriding sense of guilt when I do. Maybe that’s because I don’t feel like I fully have my ‘life together’ as such, so I don’t want to waste time. But there are moments with friends that I just think fuck it. I find these moments so valuable, and that’s what gets me through everything.”

Check it out below, and catch her on tour throughout November with Briston Maroney.

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