Abbie Ozard has released a new video for EP cut ‘Fizzy’

It's taken from forthcoming EP 'Water Based Lullabies'.

Rising Manchester alt-popster Abbie Ozard has released a new video.

The clip for ‘Fizzy’ arrives today (Friday, 1st July) in celebration of the release of her brand new EP, ‘Water Based Lullabies’.

“I’ve made sure every song on this EP has some form of water element in it, as water makes me feel really at home; whether it be lyrics or even watery samples, I guarantee you’ll find something water-based in each song!” she explains in the July issue of Dork.

“‘Fizzy’ starts off with a tap me and Hugo [Silvani] recorded dripping. I was really set on making a song that everyone can shout together at gigs, like a little communal ‘fuck it’ anthem. The lyric in the chorus, “I’m done with trying to play pretend”, is a reference to my last EP ‘let’s play pretend’, as this EP feels like a way more mature, honest approach to writing rather than escapism.”

Check out the video below.

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