Alt-pop newcomer Agi has dropped her debut single, ‘Crying Past Midnight’, and it’s Really Very Good

We're giving this official Dork Certified Bop status.

Sometimes, Dear Reader, we get sent something new – totally unsolicited – and we think it’s Really Really Good.

That’s exactly how we feel about this – the debut single from Leeds newcomer Agi, which drops today (5th March).

Titled ‘Crying Past Midnight’, it’s a bit of an alt-pop tour de force, finishing with the kind of flourish that demands an immediate repeat play.

“This song is about an inevitable breakdown of a relationship. Not only is it very personal and close to home, but it also represents the way I want to be as a person”, Agi explains. “In hard and challenging situations, I always want to be graceful and understanding. I treated it almost like a conversation that I would want to have with the other person. Even when we’re both hurting, it’s about still being full of love and passion and wanting to lift the other person up so they don’t suffer.”

Having spent time collaborating and writing for others, it’s a confident first step as a solo artist in her own right. You can check out ‘Crying Past Midnight’ below.

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