Duplo, balloons and ducks, check out Alex Tracey’s new video for ‘Crazy’

“It really is just a showcase of what I’m all about," says Alex.
Alex Tracey has shared a new video for his track ‘Crazy’. The clip sees Alex and his pals larking about with props sourced from charity shops.

“‘Crazy’ is definitely the most ME record I’ve released so far,” Alex says. “It really is just a showcase of what I’m all about as a musician, and what it is about music that I love. At heart, it’s really an exploration of risk and freedom, conveyed through the context of a failing relationship. Why stick around with what you’ve got when there’s so much more out there?

“Being stuck in a rut is what compelled me to write about something like that. At the time, I was in a job that really took everything out of me and had me feeling pretty isolated, both socially and especially romantically. The song came through the fear of being stuck in a job/position like that for the rest of my life, which luckily I wasn’t. I knew there was more to my life than that, so I wrote about it.”

Watch ‘Crazy’ below.

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