Alien Tango has turned his oddball stylings to a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Getting Better’

"Prised straight out of Paul and John's wrinkly hands."

Alien Tango has turned his oddball stylings to a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Getting Better’.

“Crank up your stereos!” he says. “Open your ears! Cover your eyes! And behold the new production by Alien Tango, brought to you straight from a slightly groovier dimension than this one!

“A brand new hymn retrieved from a long time ago. A lighthouse in the middle of the catastrophe. Prised straight out of Paul and John’s wrinkly hands.

“Because there are never enough Beatles covers, and especially because everybody needs to be told everything is going to get better. Even if it’s a filthy lie.”

Arriving with a video shot over the Thames in London, the cover follows the release of his four-and-a-half-minute album ‘Blink Pop Vol. 1’, which featured loads of blink-and-you’ll-miss-them made-for-TikTok shorts.

Check out ‘Getting Better’ below.

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