Allie X has shared her new electro-pop hit, ‘Rings a Bell’

It's a song about "experiencing something surreal".

Allie X has dropped her new single, ‘Rings a Bell’.

Billed as “a continuation of innovative and more personal new sounds”, it’s the follow-up to recent drop, ‘Fresh Laundry’.

“The feeling of having been somewhere before is one that I explored in the last year of my writing,” says Allie X of her inspiration. “This song is more about falling into a rabbit hole, experiencing something surreal, in a dream, or in your subconscious perhaps.”

Allie X released her second album, ‘Super Sunset’ last year. It’s the follow-up to 2017 debut, ‘CollXtion II’. Allie is supporting Marina on tour this autumn across the US and Europe, and playing select dates with Charli XCX, too.

Check out ‘Rings a Bell’ below.

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