Allo Darlin’ are getting back together for “some shows”, and hopefully new music

Details of the reunion are yet to be released, but fans can expect the band to be back together this year

Allo Darlin’ have announced their reunion, 6 years after they played their last show in London.

The band, who started in the days of MySpace, citing “liberating and exciting” times, said that while it has become harder to make a living from music, they never expected to be successful – they just wanted to make music they loved.

The band, which consists of members in Norway, Australia and England, revealed they had been speaking a lot during the pandemic and had missed each other and the music. To combat this, they decided to reunite for shows in England this year, with hopes of creating new music too.

In a statement, they explain: “Allo Darlin’ played our last show in London just over 6 years ago. A lot has happened since then, some good, some bad. During those first confusing months of the pandemic, we spoke to each other often, from Norway, Australia and England

We missed each other and we missed the music. AD started up in the days of Myspace, when a European or American tour could be organised by sending or by receiving messages from strangers. It was liberating and exciting. We found friendship, solace and love through music.

In the years we were active as a band, the musical landscape changed, and we got older too. It was hard, if not impossible to make a living from music, at least the type of music we made. This is even more true today. But Allo Darlin’ was never about being successful.

This year, 2023, Allo Darlin’ are going to reunite for some shows in England. We hope to make some more music together too. Life is too short to not do the things you love, to do the things that make life worth living. That goes for you too.

Lots of love to you out there, and happy new year. We can’t wait to see you soon.”

The band have also announced their first show. They will be playing at the Ramsgate Music Hall on October 27 with support from B.A. Johnston.

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