Alt-J have an online game, and you’ll be roaming around it for a good while

Get a feel for the retro vibes of new album ‘Relaxer’ - there’s plenty to find
Alt-J are all about creating their own worlds, so only makes sense that the band now have their own online web game that we can get stuck into.

Across street-lamps and imagery that fits nicely with their artwork so far, the interactive game includes special little easter eggs and snippets to find – including the actual girls from the pool saying Hi (a nod to lead single ‘3WW’). With cut-away visuals coming after you meet a range of characters in the middle of it all, and tracks starting at every turn – it’ll have you sucked in for quite a while.

(We say that all whilst still strolling around the game as we speak – so we’re sure to bump into something else soon too)

It’s all just a click away, and that click is right here.

Alt-J’s new album ‘Relaxer’ is set for release on June 9th, brimming with more off-kilter blenders that you can shake your sticks at. The trio are set to mark the release with a headline show at London’s O2 Arena on June 16th – expect that to be a blooming glorious night if we ever did see so.

Gear yourself up for it all with the recently unveiled ‘In Cold Blood’ below,