Alvvays have released two new tracks, ‘Belinda Says’ & ‘Very Online Guy’, from their upcoming third album, ‘Blue Rev’

‘Blue Rev’ arrives in full October 7th via Transgressive.

Alvvays have shared two new album previews, ‘Belinda Says‘ and ‘Very Online Guy‘, from their third LP, ‘Blue Rev’.

The 14-track record arrives October 7th, with previous singles ‘Pharmacist’ and ‘Easy On Your Own?’ giving us a good idea of the album’s direction.

The two newly unveiled songs both come with videos co-directed by the band.

On the fresh cuts, Alvvays say: “Two new lambs for the cultural volcano! One more sweet slurp of alcopop dedicated to the girls wiping tables called ‘Belinda Says’ and the dial-up electronic dream ‘Very Online Guy.’”

“We painted and shot the ‘Belinda Say’s’ video in our living room,” they share on the video direction process. “We directed a mosaic-mode vid for ‘V.O.G.’ with our video guru friend Colby. This was easily the funnest thing we’ve ever shot. Enjoy our clunky low-bit collage of aliased key clacking and step-dance scramble on your CRTs.”

You can watch the videos for ‘Belinda Says‘ and ‘Very Online Guy‘ below:

The full tracklist for ‘Blue Rev’ reads as below.

1. Pharmacist
2. Easy On Your Own? 
3. After The Earthquake
4. Tom Verlaine
5. Pressed
6. Many Mirrors
7. Very Online Guy
8. Velveteen
9. Tile By Tile
10. Pomeranian Spinster
11. Belinda Says 
12. Bored In Bristol
13. Lottery Noises
14. Fourth Figure

You can pre-order the album here.

Alvvays recently featured in the September issue of Dork magazine, which you can order here.

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