Amy Michelle has shared a new track, ‘ode to praying to the answering machine’

Her new EP 'felicity stories' is set to land soon.

Amy Michelle is set to release her new EP ‘felicity stories’ later this year on Method Records. To give listeners a taste of what to expect, she has dropped her new single ‘ode to praying to the answering machine’.

Speaking about the track, Amy explains: “The title of this song adheres to negligence, the state of feeling abandoned. It’s searching for the answers in somebody who can’t give them to you, it’s praying to a god who may or may not be there.”

The EP, which follows her debut collection ‘is that all there is?’, is named in tribute to the made-up collection of tales that her grandmother would tell her as a child. “They painted such a strong picture in my mind, and became a sort of safety blanket for me,” she says. “I try to carry with me the creativity we all have as children, that inevitably dissipates as we get older. This EP is a journey through navigating the complexities of the human condition, being torn apart and learning how to heal on my own. Everything I write will be a letter to my younger self, whether it was yesterday or the first time I heard these stories. They live on as a reminder to never stop creating.”

You can check out ‘ode to praying to the answering machine’ below.

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