Angel Haze reveals the vital new video for ‘Resurrection’

The clip features murals created by Angel alongside creative director Nick Francis
Dripping in unstoppable power, Angel Haze’s new video for latest track ‘Resurrection’ is essential viewing

Full of religious imagery and unique murals created by Angel Haze and collaborator Nick Francis – it’s a heavyweight video for a heavywight that’ll have you replaying over and over to spot more across the clip’s four minute plus running time.

Speaking about the video to Billboard, Angel Haze explained that “I needed it to tell a story for me, I needed to make clear what hasn’t been clear in the past few years. I sat with my creative director, Nick Francis — he’s amazing. We talked about all these ways that we could incorporate who I actually am into my visuals. Well, I paint. I do photography. I do all sorts of artistic shit. So we painted all the murals for the video.”

“It was crazy because my neighbour had just moved out of his house, and I didn’t want the paint fumes in my house, So we broke into his house and painted all his walls. These things are life-size, they’re bigger than a 6’4” man.”

‘Resurrection’ sits as the first new track scheduled to make up Angel Haze’s anticipated follow-up to 2015 debut ‘Dirty Gold’ – with the new record apparently set to include a sample from none other than John Mayer. That’s right, John Mayer.

All we know is that if they keep coming like this, we’re going to be hit with some knockout blows sooner rather than later – and it’s all going to be unmissable.

Check out the full video for ‘Resurrection’ below,