Animal Collective have released a new 22-minute long song, ‘Defeat’

It'll be released on 12" this August.
Photo credit: Hisham Akira Bharoocha

Animal Collective have released a new 22-minute long song, ‘Defeat’.

The song is featured on a limited edition 12-inch, due 25th August via Domino. It’s accompanied by B-side ‘The Challenge (Live Edit)’, a completely improvised track that has only been played in front of a live audience and originated as an unrehearsed intro to ‘Strung With Everything’. The recorded version was collaged together from 11 different shows between March and September 2022.

“The only time it was even discussed was after shows late in the touring cycle when it took on its own identity,” says Geologist. “‘How did we feel about the Strung intro?’ often provided the answer to ‘how was the show?’ But the discussion always ended at what happened that night, without any detailed critique, and never with how it might happen the next. We became aware the same discussions were happening amongst our fans, who were recording, uploading and listening to the shows each night. They took notice and named the section ‘The Challenge.’ This edit is for them.”

‘Defeat’ features guest musicians Samara Lubelski (violin), Leila Bordreuil (cello), and Ben Chapoteau-Katz (saxophone); check it out below.

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