Another Sky showcase a new sound with latest single ‘Psychopath’

The track arrives alongside b-side 'Watching Basinski'.

Another Sky have dropped a new single, ‘Psychopath’.

The track arrives alongside b-side ‘Watching Basinski’, and follows on from their 2020 debut record, ‘I Slept On The Floor’.

Lead singer Catrin Vincent comments: “Most of our upcoming music is pretty influenced by music from the late 90s and early 00s, so releasing an A-Side and B-Side felt like a good way of paying homage to the era we grew up in.”

“They [the songs] reflect a really personal journey,” she adds. “I usually hate writing lyrics about myself, but during lockdown, it was the only thing I had to write about. I was so surprised to find multitudes of grief and sadness disguised as anger. Psychopath captures the angriest I’ve ever felt. For years, I felt like that rage could never be voiced.

“Watching Basinski captures the grief that lies underneath that anger. That’s what our new music is trying to convey; the human journey from fear and anger through to love and acceptance.”

Check them out below.

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