Arcade Fire continue to build up to new music with a mysterious website, Morse code and more weird eyeballs

The band's campaign trail to what is surely a new album continues to build, both off and online.

Arcade Fire continue their long build-up to what presumably will be new music, with a new batch of mysterious clues.

Over the last couple of weeks, fans have started to receive postcards in the mail. There appear to be numerous versions, each featuring different sets of musical notations. One appears to feature a section of ‘Memories of the Age of Anxiety’, a 45-minute long track the band made for the Headspace meditation app last year, while another seems to contain lyrics“unsubscribe / unsubscribe / ain’t no way of life / don’t believe the hype”.

One fan has been translating the new notations into listenable music, which you can hear below.

Each of these postcards sports a new logo for the band, and a hand-drawn image of an eyeball, with a speech bubble containing “I”. Underneath is a tick box reading unsubscribe.

They also feature the phrase “WE missed you”, with the letters WE capitalised. Interestingly – though not necessarily related – that unexplained capitalisation is something the band also did in a recent tweet in tribute to Dr Paul Farmer, the co-founder of non-profit Partners in Health that helped set up healthcare systems in Haiti, who passed away last month.

Alongside the postcards, posters and stickers have begun to appear in major cities. There appear to be two designs – one featuring the hand-drawn unsubscribe image from the postcards, and another billboard-sized creative featuring an extreme close up of an eyeball and the band’s logo.

Over recent days, the band’s profile pictures on social media have also changed to that sketched eyeball drawing. Originally zoomed in to the pupil, day by day the image was zoomed out until the full composition was revealed.

Now, it seems the comeback campaign is kicking up a gear. One fan on Reddit claims to have followed an ad they found online to a new website. It features a background of an extremely close-up eyeball, the band’s new logo, and that hand-drawn eyeball character again – this time with a speech bubble reading “WE”.

Clicking on the band’s logo brings up a subscription form to the band’s newsletter, while interacting with the sketch plays a snippet of what appears to be new music. Contained in that clip is a short blast of Morse code, spelling out the letters WE.

As a further Easter egg, the source code for the page contains more musical notation, matching up with the fourth postcard design discovered by fans.

All this activity is all expected to build up to a new album from Arcade Fire, who released their last full length ‘Everything Now’ back in 2017.

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