Arcade Fire tease “Infinite Content”, which probably has something to do with their new song ‘Everything Now’

Your guess is as good as ours.
No one quite knows what’s going on with Arcade Fire right now, but there’s a single coming tomorrow (1st June) and an album also on the way.

They’ve already teased ‘Everything Now’, thought to be the name of the album, and now they’ve tweeted to say “Stay tuned for Infinite Content”. It’s a phrase we’ve heard before, as a name they’ve recently licenced music through.

The band also have some ‘Everything Now’ merch at Primavera (below), with a white and orange shirt featuring the logo for ‘Infinite Content’ alongside nine others. Could they represent other tracks on the album? Well, maybe.

There’s also a “super ltd 12″” on the merch stall that lists “a. ‘Everything Now'”, so maybe that’s the single and not the album after all. Or maybe it’s both. Stuff’s happening, anyway. Your guess is as good as ours.

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