Are Oasis sounding out support bands for a 2017 reunion?

Rumours suggest the Gallagher brothers are plotting something. As usual.
Are Oasis booking support bands for a 2017 reunion?

That’s the rumour that’s doing the rounds, after Australia’s Noise11 claimed to have ‘insider info’ from a “UK rock band from the 90s with a very close connection to Liam Gallagher” who have “been tapped as the opening act”.

They also make a pretty thinly veiled suggestion at who that is. You can check the story out here.

Rumours of a reunion for the band have been doing the rounds for years, but despite the fact the Gallaghers are still sniping at each other in the media, the suggestion a return is imminent refuses to go away. Indeed, the same report claims the “rivalry has well and truly been mended”, and the gobbing off is purely for publicity.

The suggestions come fresh off the back of new Oasis film ‘Supersonic’. Interestingly, director Mat Whitecross feels pretty sure the band will get back together – just when the noise has died down a bit.

Speaking to Billboard, he explains: “the more people put pressure on them, the less likely it is to happen.”

“The reason it hasn’t happened earlier is they’re in a position of luxury. They’re both rich men. They don’t have to be chasing the opportunity to try and get back together. So hopefully if they do come back, it’ll be for the right reasons, and because they both want to do it.”

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