Are we getting a secret set from The Killers on the John Peel stage at Glastonbury today?

The signs look good.
It looks like we may be getting a secret set from The Killers at Glastonbury later today (24th June).

Eagle eyed fans will have seen a TBA slot booked in at 5:30pm on the John Peel Stage. The internet seems pretty certain on who it is at this point, too.

It’s not just Killers fans who are convinced, too. Glastonbury goers online also think they’ve worked it out. You can check what they’re saying here.

There’s some logic to the reasoning too, outside of ‘rumours’ from ‘industry insiders’.

Firstly, it appears the Daily Star printed the news in yesterday’s paper. Which is obviously 100% reliable.

More intriguingly is analysis of the band’s stage set up. Yesterday, while playing a show in Greece, the band had their ‘bolt’ keyboard stand, leading to rumours they’ve sent their giant ‘K’ variant to the UK for Glastonbury.

Also, Killers bassist Mark Stoermer – who stepped back from the band’s live commitments last year, though with the option to appear as and when it suits – appears to be in the UK. Which is interesting.

Wth new album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ set to arrive this September, Glastonbury feels like the perfect place to put a marker down. More ‘later’.

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