Arni from The Vaccines announces solo show + reveals two new tracks

The bassist is set to perform with members of Babyshambles at The Finsbury on October 28th
The Vaccines bassist Arni Arnason has gone and announced a solo show to take place next week, along with two fresh tracks under the moniker Arni (makes sense right?)

Titled ‘Bore You With My Melody’ and ‘New M.O (UFO)’, the tracks jump from slacker-surf pop, to blissful melancholy and then through blistering punk edges. There’s a lot to take in, that’s for sure.

Speaking about the tracks, Arni said:

“I want to do this as un-pro and as ‘for the fuck of it’ as I can. This is not a Project, but an Outlet.”

“It’s simple and honest. I haven’t got a strategy – let alone a release – in mind. I’ve always just made music for the fuck of it and I’ll release it if and whenever I want to. I wrote a bunch of songs at the beginning of the year and this Depresso Tropicana vibe came very naturally to me. I’ve always hated my nasal baritone voice, but it seems to make sense with the music I’ve been writing lately. Anyway, I’m embracing it. It’s simple and honest.”

Arni’s debut solo show will be headlining the Popular Culture club night at The Finsbury on October 28th, performing on a bill that includes riffy-pop movers Slotface and with a band made up of members of Babyshambles and ex-Vaccines drummer Pete Robertson.

It comes ahead of The Vaccines’ ‘heading into the studio in January’ to work on album number three.

Have a listen to Arni’s tracks below, and make sure you’re at The Finsbury for good measure.

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