Artificial Pleasure serve up a chippy’s delight in the video for ‘All I Got’

Suitably bonkers and larger than life, it’s Artificial Pleasure personified
It’s pretty clear that Artificial Pleasure are stealing hearts, but now they’re stealing romance with the new video for ‘All I Got’

Showing just what happens when you decide to take a date out to a chippy to propose, it’s full of that off the wall extravagance and daring dreaming that makes Artificial Pleasure such an invigorating and exciting prospect. And there’s plenty of moves we’ll be taking with us when heading out on the town this weekend.

Talking about the track and video to Noisey, the band explained how “the song’s about putting your heart and soul into something which can often be very exposing and frustrating. Some people won’t give a shit about what we’re doing, some people will get it, others just look at us a bit confused. It’s sort of a gospel song celebrating that no matter what you do, it will never be enough, you will never arrive. We’re very lucky to be working again with [director] Dylan [Holmes Williams] and his team. He has a real knack of encapsulating the message of the song, creating a narrative around it and then completely fucking with it.” 

Don’t worry chaps, we get it – and blooming ‘ell it’s looking stunning.

Artificial Pleasure will headline London’s Camden Assembly on April 26th, before massive slots at this year’s Live At Leeds and The Great Escape.

Click play on ‘All I Got’ below,