Asylums delve into their home video archives for their new ‘Platitudes’ video

The band's new album is coming next month.

Asylums have shared a new video for ‘Platitudes’.

Featuring a bunch of home-band-videos, it’s a cut from the band’s upcoming new album ‘Genetic Cabaret’, due for release on 17th July via their own Cool Thing Records.

“It’s going to sound weird, but I initially wrote ‘Platitudes’ using an old 808 drum machine and a synth, I was listening to loads of electronic film music at the time because I wanted a more angular and dystopian feel for ‘Genetic Cabaret’ than our previous album ‘Alien Human Emotions’,” says frontman Luke Branch.

“By the time we started developing the track as a band this song was sped up to almost hysterical levels and the fuzz pedals came back out. Lyrically it’s certainly influenced by some of the empty political messaging that was going on in early 2019 but spliced together with some topics present in the David Cronenberg, J. G. Ballard and Stephen King work I was obsessing over during its incubation.”

Give it a watch below.

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