AURORA has dropped the video for her latest single, ‘Giving In To The Love’

The track is taken from her new album, 'The Gods We Can Touch', set for release on 21st January 2022.

AURORA has debuted the video for her latest single, ‘Giving In To The Love’.

Shot in Oslo and directed by AURORA herself (alongside Fill In Productions), you can check it out below.

The track is taken from her new album, ‘The Gods We Can Touch’, set for release on 21st January 2022.

Of the album, AURORA explains, “The spiritual door between the human and the gods is a very complicated thing. In the right hands faith can become the most beautiful thing, nurturing and warm, and in the wrong hands it can become a beacon of war and death. One thing that has always bothered me is the idea that we’re born unworthy having to deem ourselves worthy by suppressing the forces within us that make us human. Not perfect, not flawless, just human. Could we find this Divine power in ourselves, while still being attached and seduced to the wonders of the world. The flesh, the fruit and the wine. I think that is what intrigues me about the Greek gods. The gods of the ancient world. Perfectly imperfect. Almost within our reach. Like gods we can touch.”

AURORA is also set to perform at the UN’s climate change conference, COP26, as part of a special climate and culture event taking place on Saturday 6th November, at Glasgow’s St Luke’s Church. She will also speak on a panel titled ‘Artists, the voice of the people’.

And while you might think ‘hold on, I didn’t say AURORA was the voice of me, mate’, we can probably let her speak on this one. She’s just launched the ‘AURORA mini forest initiative’, meaning when merch is purchased, a tree will be planted to build an AURORA mini-forest in the Andes. Up to 4000 trees will be donated towards the High Andes Polylepis Forest project, through the non-profit organisation, ‘One Tree Planted’.

You can check out the video for ‘Giving In To the Love’ below.

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