Aussie newcomer Hauskey is back with his first taster of new music for 2021, ‘Go Wrong’

Lovely times on the surface, crippling worry underneath.

Aussie newcomer Hauskey is back with another new track – his first of 2021.

Titled ‘Go Wrong’, it’s the first new music to come following last year’s debut EP, and quite possibly packs all the good vibes we’ll need to get us through another day in this godforsaken hellscape. Musically at least.

Hauskey explains: “If you’ve heard my music, you’ve probably picked up an air of pessimism in my writing. Lately some exciting stuff has been happening, but my natural tendency to expect the worst is holding me back from enjoying it. And so we have ‘Go Wrong’; me and my brain being unable to celebrate a win, however small, because it’s so quickly on the lookout for the next stumbling block.”

Yeah, we all know that one.

‘Go Wrong’ is the first material from an eventual new EP, set to come this spring. There’ll be more ‘soon’, apparently.

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