The Avalanches reveal full version of ‘Subways’

The track that kicked off the whole return is finally out there.
In a year of big returns, The Avalanches are definitely one of the more exciting ones – and with their hugely anticipated new record ‘Wildflower’ drawing ever closer, the Aussies have revealed the cracking full length version of ‘Subways’.

Originally teased when the trio first announced their return from the wilderness, ‘Subways’ is a groove-laden banger that we’re definitely going to be popping to for the foreseeable future.

Alongside ‘Frankie Sinatra’, ‘If I Was A Folk Star’ and ‘Colours’, it surely means that the follow up to their iconic ‘Since I Left You’ is destined to hit hard.

‘Wildflower’ is out on July 8th. In the meantime, get shuffling by clicking play below.

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