Stoke-on-Trent newcomer Average Joe has shared his rock’n’rolling new single, ‘Promo’

He's a boozy video for it, too.

Stoke-on-Trent newcomer Average Joe has shared his new single, ‘Promo’.

It’s a sassy song he describes as “an invocation of the egoic spectres of rock and roll, dressed as a grandstanding anthem to pop vanity”, that’s a bit like if Alex Turner had a few too many.

Of the clip, he adds: “Idea behind the video was to play-out the cliche of a knock-off rock and rolla smashing up a hotel room. And then the reveal is that the room that was smashed was only a facade, thus implying the meta-narrative that the knock-off rock and rolla act is also a facade. We built the room on a shoestring in a local warehouse in Stoke, got drunk and played out the fantasy.”

Give it a watch below.

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