It’s time for Avril Lavigne’s new album ‘Head Above Water’, check it out in full

“I feel like I’ve really opened up on this record” she says.

Avril Lavigne has released her new album ‘Head Above Water’, her first record since 2013’s self-titled effort.

“I feel like I’ve really opened up on this record more than I ever have before,” she explains. “Each song tells a story that will hopefully inspire others to believe in themselves and stand up for what they know is right and what they truly deserve!”

The record was preceded by both her comeback single of the same name, and ‘Tell Me It’s Over’.

“’Tell Me It’s Over’ is an anthem about being strong, finally putting your foot down and closing the door on a relationship that you know is wrong after time and time again of falling for their games. If someone doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated, don’t put up with it.”

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