Babeheaven have shared their new album, ‘Sink Into Me’ – listen

The follow up to debut 'Home For Now', the album arrives today (18th March) via Believe.

Babeheaven have shared their new album, ‘Sink Into Me’.

The follow up to debut ‘Home For Now’, the album arrives today (18th March) via Believe.

It includes the previously revealed singles ‘Make Me Wanna’ and ‘Heartbeat’. Speaking about the latter track, the band’s Nancy Andersen explains: “The lyrics to ‘Heartbeat’ were written on my way back from Luca’s house. We drove past a car crash, which had a blue tarpaulin over it. It means a fatal incident has happened, but I didn’t know that until the driver told me. I wrote a poem about the moment – because really hit me, deeply Later, we started a song and we were caught in a cycle of chords. It was a good opportunity to use that poem. Inspired by Arthur Russell, the beat underneath it is pushing the words around. Like a chugging cello. But in this songs the drums go around and round until it breaks.”

You can check out ‘Sink Into Me’ below.

Babeheaven are set to hit the road in Europe next month, with a London date planned for 12th April. You can catch them at:

27 Casino de Paris, Paris, France
28 Kaufleuten, Zurich, Switzerland
29 Technikum, Munich, Germany
31 Teatr Palladium, Warsaw, Poland

01 Astra Kulturhaus, Berlin, Germany
03 Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
04 Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
05 Berns, Stockholm, Sweden
07 Mojo Club, Hamburg, Germany
08 Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherland
09 Cirque Royale, Brussels, Belgium
11 Academy, Dublin, Ireland
12 Troxy, London, UK

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