Baby Queen and MAY-A have teamed up for a brand new bop, ‘American Dream’

It comes alongside news of a new mixtape from Baby Queen, The Yearbook.

Dork’s 2021 Hype List cover star and future pop ledge Baby Queen has dropped a brand new single.

Titled ‘American Dream’, it sees Bella teaming up with fellow Dork fave, Aussie newcomer MAY-A.

Following up on recent single ‘Dover Beach’, Bella explains: “This song compares a childlike infatuation with the idea of the American dream, which in hindsight is a bit of a fallacy, but there were people that did get to experience it and reach the prosperity they’d heard about. I’m really into manifestation – not in a spiritual way, just in a very practical sense. I think if you put all your energy into something by talking about it all the time or thinking about it, the course of your life will naturally bend towards that thing. This song is me manifesting my dream to be with a certain person. It’s essentially a song about a childlike crush you are cheeky enough to plan out inside your own head.”

So there you go.

Alongside ‘American Dream’ comes news of a brand new project, ‘The Yearbook’. Spanning 10 tracks – which definitely isn’t the length of an album or anything, don’t say that, it’s a mixtape – it’s set for release on 3rd September.

You can check out the tracklisting for ‘The Yearbook’, and the video for ‘American Dream’, below.

‘The Yearbook’ tracklist:
Baby Kingdom
Raw Thoughts
You Shaped Hole
American Dream feat. MAY-A
Dover Beach
Dover Beach Pt. 2
These Drugs
Fake Believe
I’m A Mess

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