Baby Queen’s new track ‘Buzzkill’ is excellent and you need to get it on right now

Bang bang.

Baby Queen has released her new single, ‘Buzzkill’.

A top new follow-up to the South Africa-via-London songwriter’s recent debut ‘Internet Religion’, it’s a witty Charli XCX-style banger about feeling proper down.

“Buzzkill is still my favourite song I’ve ever written to date,” she says. “I feel like I spend my life trying to out-write it. I wrote it during a time when I was severely depressed, just before I went on antidepressants, and I was partying a lot, but I was so incredibly unhappy.

“I remember the exact moment the idea came to me. I was at an after-party in East London sitting at a table, and I began to cry. My friends looked at me and they were like “here we go again…” and I was like “THIS! THIS is IT! I have to go.” And I went straight home to start writing it.

“I played the idea for my producer King Ed and he was kind of immediately obsessed with it. When we finished making it, Ed and I looked at each other like “this is either the best thing we’ve ever made or it’s absolutely shit.” I think that was the moment the sound of Baby Queen came to life. This song epitomises everything that is the first era of Baby Queen.

“There is something about the stream of consciousness and the inner turmoil the lyrics are expressing that feels like home. When people ask me what Baby Queen is, I almost always just play them Buzzkill and they almost always just understand.”

Give it a listen below.

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