Bachelor have dropped a brand new single, ‘I See It Now’

It follows up on this year's debut album 'Doomin' Sun'.

BachelorJay Som and Palehound‘s collaborative project – have dropped a brand new single, ‘I See It Now’.

Following up on this year’s debut album ‘Doomin’ Sun’, they explain: “Back in January when Bachelor was filming our music videos for Doomin’ Sun, we found ourselves with a day to kill at Ellen’s house in Poughkeepsie.

“Ellen had assembled a small recording setup in her basement that she was mystified by and still figuring out how to work so we decided to record a song to mess around with the gear. Melina wrote the creepy intro keyboard part and we built the song from there. What came was ‘I See It Now’, a kind of lethargic muse on sexual regret and insecurity.”

You can check out ‘I See It Now’ below.

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