Bad Sounds have launched a new ‘Permanent’ remix competition

"We’ll have a listen to what people do and post our favourites on our social media."

Bad Sounds have launched a new remix competition.

The band have released stems from their song ‘Permanent’, a cut from their not-super-long-released EP, ‘Escaping From A Violent Time Vol. 1’.

“The self-isolation situation is a strange one,” they explain. “It reminded us of being stuck in a van with the same each other for days upon end while we toured across America last year. We came up with these (very nerdy) quick-fire remix games to kill the time and try to stay creative while stuck with nothing better to do. We’d do things like all remix the same song, or we’d take 3 random samples and try to manipulate them to build a whole new track. We’d only be allowed about 20-30mins to do it, and when they were done we’d play them through the van stereo and trash/critique them without knowing who’s was who’s. It was also fun trying to guess who had made which one. Then we’d rank them all and Olivia would tell Callum that his was weird.

“It’s crazy how they would always sound completely different even though we were working from the same source materials. Soooo we thought we’d try something similar for this extended isolation period and open it up to anybody who wants to join. Whether you’re a producer with a bunch of experience or whether you’re a complete amateur but may be seeing this isolation time as an opportunity to get to grips with production. We took a vote from our fans on Instagram and have decided to upload the stems for our song ‘Permanent’. People can do whatever they want with them. We’ll have a listen to what people do and post our favourites on our social media.”

Download the stems here, and check out the track in full below.

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