Banger season is here again, and Get Inuit’s ‘Barbiturates’ is shooting for the prize

This band can do no wrong.
You’re after a new year banger, right? Something fresh and exciting to make you think music is amazing. You’ve been soothed by London Grammar, and that was absolutely bloody lovely, but it’s Wednesday 4th January now, and you’re after something that’s going to go off. Who you gonna call?

It’s at this point all sensible pop pickers would be reaching for the speed dial and buzzing Get Inuit. 2016 saw the four piece show they’re ice cold when it comes to cooly dropping twenty-one carrot bangers. Anyone who’s caught them live will have been waiting for ‘Barbiturates’, the stand out of the band’s set, to get its fully realised day in the winter sun. Now it’s here, and it’s not about to disappoint.

Winding, dipping and diving, it’s both direct and smart at the same time – power pop that does the unexpected in a way that feels completely natural. “The song depicts a person’s need to take barbiturates to be able to function and move without pain whilst also becoming addicted,” frontman Jamie Glass tells Noisey. “The music is meant to characterise the mood swings that a person goes through when needing sedation, with heavy guitar and screams representing the pain and mental anguish, with the quiet sections showing a more controlled state.”

You can check out ‘Barbiturates’ below.

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