Bastille touring member Charlie Barnes sings to various Eastbourne walls in his new ‘All I Have’ video

His new album (feat. Dan Smith, no less) is out in March.
Bastille touring member Charlie Barnes has a new album on the way.

The follow up to 2015’s ‘More Stately Mansions’, ‘Oceanography’ is due for release on 9th March 2018 via Superball Music.

It’s already been teased with a trailer clip, and now we have a video proper too – ‘All I Have’ sees Charlie touring Eastbourne in the most snazzy jacket you’ll see all morning. You’re er, facing the wrong way though m8…

“The idea for this video came about during a severely self-deprecating conversation I was having at a festival somewhere with Bastille’s lighting guy Jamie,” Charlie explains. “I was (half) jokingly explaining that promoting a record can be sort of like screaming at a brick wall for a bit. We thought that would make a good idea for a music video, so I spent a lovely afternoon in Eastbourne looking for really good walls with my longtime collaborator and all round life guru Ryan.”

He adds: “This was one of the last songs to come together for the album. Given that I’d just written a whole load of embarrassingly woe-is-me numbers, I was keen to try and put something together that was a bit more uplifting. It’s sort of an anthem for sticking to your guns. With a harpsichord…”

As well as spending an awful lot of time on the road together, the album also features a cameo from Bastille’s Dan Smith, on the track ‘Will & Testament’.

Watch ‘All I Have’ below.

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