Be No Rain has announced his debut album, ‘Strawberry Backstory’

Plus new tune, 'Media Luna'.

Be No Rain has announced his debut album, ‘Strawberry Backstory’.

Due out on 18th September via One Two Many Records, the news arrives alongside his new single ‘Media Luna’, the third track from the release following ‘All Night, Right?’ and ‘Deadweight’. ‘Media Luna’ comes with a Jacek Zmarz-directed video, too, compiled from 50 old VCR tapes bought from strangers online.

“As the song developed it became more of a generalised study of dread, that kind of non-contingent fear that lives in the realm of dreams,” Be No Rain explains. “Or even the dread that arises at 6am, stumbling, cold onto an unfamiliar street, blinking in the dawn as a chemical shroud lifts and every passing thought feels altogether too tragic and terrible to comprehend. Nonetheless, what’s left resounding at the end of the song is a sense of hope. Dread is transient and so are we; with or without our misdeeds the world will keep spinning.”

The record’s full tracklisting reads:

1. Deadweight
2. Know Better
3. Man To A Woman
4. Holding Hands In Plastic Gloves
5. Media Luna
6. I Will Call From Where I Land
7. Suck The Surface
8. All Night, Right?
9. Call Back
10. I Lose It Around You

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