Beach Baby debut Lost Soul video

It's a track they tried to infuse with sex. Thank goodness their mums didn't catch them in the act.
“We also tried to infuse ‘Lost Soul’ with some of the sex and bravado of Motown, which is a new thing for us.”

That’s what Beach Baby have to say about ‘Lost Soul’, their latest track that’s just scored it’s own video. Said video – thankfully – doesn’t show the band attempting to “infuse” the song with “sex” or “bravado”, but it does have some nice sparkly curtains, a bit of lens flare and a catchy chorus.

The track is the band’s first since inking a deal with Island Records, for whom they’re currently recording their debut full-length. They’ll play The Great Escape later this month too.

Check out the video for ‘Lost Soul’ below.

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