Beach Bunny have announced a brand new EP, ‘Blame Game’

The band's first offering since debut EP 'Homecoming' back in February is previewed by a new taster, 'Good Girls (Don't Get Used)'.
Beach Bunny
(Photo credit: Alexa Viscius / Press)

Beach Bunny have announced a brand new EP, and dropped a first song from it.

Titled ‘Blame Game’, the band’s first offering since debut album ‘Honeymoon’ back in February is previewed by a first taster, ‘Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)’.

Lead vocalist Lili Trifilio explains: “As a veteran of engaging with emotionally unavailable people, I wanted to create a sassy song that calls out players by talking down to them as if they were children, showing that poor communication skills and mind games are immature. It shifts the blame to the person that was acting disrespectful, instead of myself. The song also hammers home the point that I know my worth; I’m not afraid to call out players on their stupid behaviour and I’m not going to tolerate being thrown around emotionally.”

Recorded in Chicago across a week in August, after being written during lockdown, the ‘Blame Game’ EP will be released on 15th January 2021.

The track listing reads:

Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)
Love Sick
Nice Guys
Blame Game

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