Belako reveal “the myths built around romantic love” with their new single, ‘Truth’

Give their new video a watch.

Belako have released their new single ‘Truth’.

The follow-up to ‘Profile Anxiety’, it’s the latest tune from the Spanish post-punks’ upcoming album ‘Plastic Drama’, which was originally due earlier this year, but is now set to arrive on 28th August due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Truth is here to reveal the myths built around romantic love,” they explain, adding of the album: “[‘Plastic Drama’ searches for] the real meaning of things in a world that translates everything into assembly lines, manufacturing and the exploitation of living beings.

“It’s about the harsh reality our generation is facing and the only good use of new technology, which is the ability to spread the word and call for action. The title of the album has another message, as it also reminds us the first world issues we’ve come so keen to complain about. We can only hope for a more responsible human legacy.”

Give ‘Truth’ a watch below.

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