Best Ex has dropped a new single, ‘Tell Your Friends’

"We should’ve never tried to fit into boxes we were never gonna fit in."

Best Ex is back with a new single.

‘Tell Your Friends’ – out now via Alcopop! Records (UK) and Iodine Recordings (US) – marks her first new release since 2020 EP ‘Good At Feeling Bad’.

“I think society has a way of telling women that we are too much, especially in relationships,” Mariel Loveland says of the track. “We’re constantly told that we need too much and want too much and expect too much. As a result, so many of us shrink ourselves and ignore our needs to make others happy.”

Finished post-Covid lockdowns, she continues: “I remember walking back in the summer rain, soaking wet, listening to a rough, unfinished version, and imagining what the world would be like when I finally got to share it. Would there be a place for upbeat breakup songs in a world still grieving? Complaining about boys seemed so trivial when we were legitimately afraid to go outside, but then it hit me. It is trivial. We should have cut the weight that held us down and ignored the noise a long time ago. We should’ve never tried to fit into boxes we were never gonna fit in. There are more important things to waste our time with as our world collectively heals. That’s what this song is about.”

Check out the new single below.

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