Bethany Cosentino has shared the title-track from her debut solo album, ‘Natural Disaster’

Bethany's debut solo album is coming later this month.

Bethany Cosentino has released the title-track from her upcoming debut solo album.

‘Natural Disaster’ – produced by Butch Walker, and written in Nashville and Los Angeles – is set for release on 28th July via Concord Records.

“Natural Disaster was absolutely the easiest song on the album to write,” she says. “Producer and songwriter Suzy Shinn sent me an instrumental track, and the moment I heard it, I ran to my music room and wrote this. It was one of those songs that felt like it was just waiting to come out of me.

“The message is very clear: I had been thinking a lot about the energy of the summer of 2020 in particular. Political upheaval, protests against police brutality, wildfires throughout the state of California, and other Natural Disasters around the globe. That chaotic energy was palpable on planet earth.

“The song is meant to serve as a commentary on the way we as humans go about our business as the world around us crumbles and literally burns. Thinking about the way our planet is changing is wildly anxiety-producing, but it’s very real, so I hope this song can call attention to it while also giving people something to sing along to.”

Check out the single below.

The album’s full tracklisting reads:

  1. Natural Disaster
  2. Outta Time
  3. It’s Fine
  4. Easy
  5. A Single Day
  6. My Own City
  7. For A Moment
  8. Calling On Angels
  9. Real Life
  10. Hope You’re Happy Now
  11. It’s A Journey
  12. I’ve Got News For You
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