Between Friends have shared ‘laurel’ from their upcoming ‘cutie’ EP

"‘laurel’ is a song we wrote about coping with breakups," they explain.

Between Friends have shared their new single ‘laurel’.

It’s a cut from the alt-pop duo’s upcoming ‘cutie’ EP, set for release on 10th June via 10K Projects.

“‘laurel’ is a song we wrote about coping with breakups,” they explain. “There’s always this strange unspoken energy when two people disconnect. This song is about driving down that person’s street and looking back.”

Of the video, they add: “For the ‘laurel’ music video, we teamed up again with Kevin and our team (now nicknamed The AV Club), to make the next episode of ‘cutie tv,’. Inspired by Wong Kar-wai and Wes Anderson, we wanted to make something that felt surreal but also very minimal. Capturing the feelings of embracing the past in a relationship while also on the road to recovery.”

Check it out below.

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