Beyoncé is back with a new album next month, ‘RENAISSANCE’

WIth 'act i' due in July, the release will be her first since 2016's 'Lemonade'.

Beyoncé has announced her much-anticipated comeback album, ‘RENAISSANCE’. Her first full-length in six years, it is expected on 29th July.

It follows a recent flurry of activity across her social media and official website, indicating that something new was on the way.

Whilst there’s not a post on Bey’s socials just yet to announce the news, she has updated the bios of her profiles to state ‘act i RENAISSANCE 7.29’. Streaming services have also confirmed the release.

A quick look at the Apple Music page for the release appears to indicate 16 tracks.

This will be her seventh solo album, and the first since 2016’s ‘Lemonade’.

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