Biffy Clyro: “We know we can do it this time”

Back for their second shot at the Reading headline slot, Biffy Clyro plan on closing 2016 down in style.
When you say time off, you think curling up with a hot chocolate and Netflix, probably binge watching House of Cards. When you’re Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro, it means writing three albums – the new Biffy album, a ZZC solo album, and another fourteen track Biffy album for the back pocket, just for good measure.

“As much as it was a year off from touring, we spent the whole year just trying to make music and trying to feel inspired,” he explains. “It took me a wee while to get going after touring ‘Opposites’, I didn’t really feel incredibly creative so to speak, so it took a couple of months to get going. It seems likes a quieter year than it was!”

To get going, he headed over to LA. “I’ve got a lot of friends over there and most of them are musicians, so it was nice to work with people who aren’t in bands and who write music for a different reason. That was really liberating. I wrote three songs in one day when I came home, and one of them was ‘Rearrange’. That was when I realised that the album was on track.”

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