Big Thief have debuted another new track ‘Forgotten Eyes’

It's taken from their second album of 2019, 'Two Hands'.

Big Thief have debuted another new track.

Taken from their second album of 2019, ‘Two Hands’, ‘Forgotten Eyes’ follows up on the previously shared lead single ‘Not’, ahead of the record’s 11th October release date.

The new record is described as a partner to May’s ‘U.F.O.F’, with the band’s Adrianne Lenker explaining: “U.F.O.F. is meant to be more focused on the immeasurable, sort of suspended ethereal playing with textures and colours and layering in the production, staring into the abyss. And Two Hands is more the micro, zooming into the blood and tissue and guts of being a human, the raw, bare, naked bones, not much layering, capturing just our performances in the room, just very dry, no reverbs, just skin and flesh and human, finite, physical. But I think each of them contains parts of the others.”

You can check out ‘Forgotten Eyes’ below.

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