Check out two new tracks from Big Thief, ‘Little Things’ and ‘Sparrow’

They're the first new material from the group since 2019's 'Two Hands' album.

Big Thief have shared a pair of new songs, ‘Little Things’ and ‘Sparrow’.

The first proper new material from the group since 2019’s ‘Two Hands’ album, drummer James Krivchenia explains of ‘Little Things: “It’s in this sort of evolving free time signature where the beat is always changing, so Max [Oleartchik, bassist] and I were just flowing with it and guessing where the downbeats were – which gives the groove a really cool light feeling.”

“We all just scattered about the room without headphones, focused and in the music – you could feel that something special was happening,” he adds, talking about ‘Sparrow’. “It was a funny instrumentation that had a really cool natural arrangement chemistry – Max on piano, Buck [Meek, guitarist/vocalist] providing this dark ambience, me on floor tom and snare and Adrianne in the middle of it with the acoustic and singing.”

You can check out both tracks below.

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